How it works

PaybyBit presents a user-friendly payment platform tailored to the needs of both merchants and customers. The following is a straightforward guide to help you understand how PaybyBit works:

For Merchants:


  1. 1- Sign up for PaybyBit and create an account.
  3. 2- Configure your payment gateway to start accepting cryptocurrency payments:
    1. Online: Integrate the API with your website.
    2. In-store: Generate and print a QR code or use Mobile POS application.
  4. 3- Optionally, create a store menu for your products or services.
  1. 4- Customers can pay you using their preferred cryptocurrency, and the payment is automatically sent to your wallet or bank account.
  1. 5- If your company has a payroll panel, you can fund your employees' accounts for convenient payments.
  1. 6- Choose your settlement mode (KYC required):
    1. Fiat: provide your bank account and IBAN number for automatic settlement.
    1. Cryptocurrency: Select your preferred cryptocurrency for withdrawal and supply a wallet address for real-time withdrawal.


For Customers:


PaybyBit offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the platform:


  1. 1- In-store, place an order or browse the store menu by scanning the QR code, then proceed to payment.
  4. 2- Choose your preferred cryptocurrency and view the equivalent payment amount in that crypto.
  6. 3- Based on your selected cryptocurrency, opt for one of the following payment methods: log in with your wallet, pay with your account balance, or use the address-to-address payment method. PaybyBit facilitates direct payments into your wallet, account, or generates a unique wallet address for you to send your cryptocurrency payment.
  8. 4- Confirm the payment.
  10. 5- The PaybyBit platform verifies and processes the payment.
  12. 6- Upon completion of the payment, the merchant is notified, and the transaction is successfully concluded.

PaybyBit is a new payment platform designed to facilitate secure and efficient transactions using cryptocurrencies. PaybyBit is a crypto payment system that allows merchants accept cryptocurrency from their customers no need to have knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

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